Unveil the hidden treasures within your data with Rutabaga's Understand app. Built with a cutting-edge AI assistant, this app allows you to quickly make sense of vast quantities of information, pulling insights that drive innovation and growth.

Automated reading enhancement.

Remove unnecessary filler words to increase reading speed and comprehension. Enjoy a streamlined reading experience designed to save time and maintain focus.

Rutabbaga makes reading transcripts faster and more enjoyable by hiding filler words at your request

AI-powered interview summaries.

Instantly generate summaries tailored to your objectives, enabling seamless communication across stakeholders. Stay aligned and informed without the hassle of manual summarization

Rutabaga provides a chat bot interface to uncover your comapnies customer understandings

First-pass coding.

Accelerate your workflow with initial coding. Capture vital conversation elements, allowing your team to dive into nuanced analysis and move faster toward key insights.

Rutabaga instanly generates a slide deck, or report to socialize customer insight

Purpose-built workbench.

Utilize a whiteboard app crafted specifically for affinitizing evidence into insights and insights into knowledge. Let AI take the first pass at affinitizing, propelling your analysis to new heights.

Rutabaga stores all customer insights at an atomic level


The Understand app empowers you to sift through complex data with precision and speed. Leveraging AI-driven analysis, it helps you translates raw evidence into actionable insights and knowledge, transforming the way you perceive and respond to your customer's needs.

Enhanced Efficiency: Streamline the analysis with AI-driven features tailored for speed.

Deeper Insight Extraction: Uncover the layers of meaning in your data, from evidence to knowledge.

Collaborative Platform: Foster teamwork and creativity with a workbench that brings your insights to life.

Efficiency and Depth: Utilize AI-assisted analysis to rapidly distill complex findings, and focus on the nuanced elements. Unlock a streamlined process that enhances collaboration and accelerates decision-making.

Accelerate Your Product Team