From Pixie Dust to Magic Machines, Evaluating AI in Research Tools

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There’s no shortage of tools available to product delivery teams when it comes to gathering, storing, socializing, and leveraging their customer insights to inform product strategy. As Jake Burghardt, a respected thought leader in ResearchOperations, commonly known as ReOps, said in a recent LinkedIn post, “The market of apps has become dizzying…” Artificial Intelligence (AI) […]

What a Fragmented Customer Insights Data Culture Looks Like

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In the realm of product development and delivery, customer insights are the compass that guides innovation and ensures market fit of new features and offerings. Yet, too often, this valuable data is scattered across the organization, trapped in silos that limit its potential. Fragmented customer insights data, especially within product teams and their adjacent counterparts, […]

The Research Architect: Redefining the Role of Researchers in a Collaborative Era

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Researchers face a unique paradox in today’s collaborative work environment. On one hand, we universally agree on the value of our teams engaging more with customers. On the other, the notion of democratizing research often strikes a nerve, perceived as a challenge to the years of skill and expertise we’ve honed. It’s time to explore […]