Rhino Strategy: Biomimicry as Inspiration for Product Design

two rhinos grazing with a bird perched on one of them

When I am not writing requirements, contributing blog posts, or working with design and engineering to bring Rutabaga to life, I am almost always outside. On my tenth anniversary of completing the Essentials in Biomimicry course, I want to share some of the principles of the discipline and dive deeper into ways rhinoceroses (like our […]

Navigating the Future of Research

Person leaping over a chasm or large gap between two cliffs

Beyond the Reckoning to New Horizons In the last year or so the grounds have been shifting a lot for user researchers. The conversation surrounding the “research reckoning” has oscillated between concern and optimism, casting a shadow of uncertainty over the future roles of researchers within organizations. As we stand at this crossroads, contemplating what […]

Rutabaga’s Commitment to Advancing Product Management and Research Work

small blocks with arrows illuminate three paths but two end with dead ends and one is correct

In the dynamic world of product management and research, the gap between excellence and mediocrity is not just about resources or opportunities — it’s about understanding, direction, and having the right tools at your disposal. At Rutabaga, we’re not just developing another tool for product managers (PMs) and researchers; we’re pioneering a pathway to excellence […]