Meet Rutabaga: The Story Behind Our Brand Identity

Pink rhinoceros with word rutabaga underneath it

At Rutabaga (roo·tuh·bay·guh), we believe in standing out, not just in our innovative solutions but also in our brand identity. Today, we’re excited to share the story behind our unique name and our mighty mascot, the rhinoceros. When it came to choosing a mascot, we wanted something that embodied the essence of our brand – […]

Day in the Life of a Founder: A Journey of Mastery and Gratitude

Dwayne King

It’s a funny title right? Every day is so radically different from the last at an early-stage startup, it’d be impossible to pin down what you do. If someone asked me, ‘What did you do today?,’ I’d have to go look at my calendar, emails, and Slack messages to reconstruct my day. A friend said […]

Comfort In The Discomfort

Stranger in a dark alley

Recently, a former colleague (and now a colleague again), Johnny Servin, forwarded an email he had saved that I had sent the team after a meeting. He said he still refers to it, and it’s 5 years old. I hope some of the thoughts in it may be helpful to others as well. First, some context: […]

Humility And The Beginner’s Mind

I’m a big fan of the Hidden Brain podcast. If you haven’t listened, you should. This morning, I enjoyed the episode, “Rebel With A Cause” featuring Francesca Gino from HBS, and it had so much to unpack. I’ll focus on one aspect of her work: The meaning of humility and the beginner’s mind. The first thing […]