Rutabaga for Researchers: Transforming Insight into Impact

Unlock a New Era of Research with Rutabaga

For researchers who seek to unravel the mysteries of customer behavior, desires, and needs, Rutabaga offers an unprecedented platform to centralize insights, conduct efficient experiments, and leverage artificial intelligence for deeper understanding. Your quest for knowledge has never been this intuitive.

Discover: Explore Connections in Real Time
  • Knowledge Graph: Traverse through your organization’s understanding of your customers. Dive deep into connections and extract unique insights.
  • AI Chat Bot: Query your stored information to assemble comprehensive reports on your customer’s behavior.
Understand: Analyzing Data, Simplified
  • Automated Summary: Get succinct summaries of interviews tailored to your objectives.
  • First-Pass Coding Based on Objectives: Let AI handle the initial coding and tagging aligned with your specific goals, allowing you to focus on the more nuanced elements of the conversation.
  • AI-Enhanced Affinitization: Work with purpose-built workbench tools to transform evidence into insights efficiently.
Experiment: Test Hypotheses with Precision
  • Agile Experimentation Engine: Identify opportunities, test hypotheses, and capture learnings that feed back into your Knowledge Repository.
Atomic Information Management: The Detail You Need
  • Trace Evidence: Understand every piece of information’s origin and context.
  • Assemble Specific Responses: Your information, tailored to the precise requirements of your query.
  • Iterate quickly, ensuring that products align with customer needs and preferences.