From Team Alignment to Knowledge Leverage: The Vision for Rutabaga

At Rutabaga, our initial mission is clear: to provide groundbreaking tools that align your entire product team around the core needs of your customers. We believe that true innovation starts with a unified understanding of what your customers actually want and need. But we’re not stopping there. Our broader vision is to evolve Rutabaga into a comprehensive platform that not only helps you understand your customers but also empowers your team to leverage that knowledge. We aim to guide product teams in turning these insights into action, facilitating the creation of products that customers will truly love. Join us on this transformative journey to redefine what it means to be a customer-centric organization.

Vision for the Rutabaga Platform

Creating the Ultimate Customer-Centric Product Lifecycle Platform

At Rutabaga, we’re pioneering a revolutionary approach to product development – transforming a process often clouded by silos and inefficiencies into a seamless, insight-driven journey. Our platform tracks every step, from ideation to execution and measurement, offering unparalleled visibility and actionable insights. Through a suite of interconnected applications, Rutabaga empowers teams to craft products that genuinely resonate with users.


Navigating the Product Lifecycle with Rutabaga
  • Frame – Lay a solid foundation for your product journey. Engage stakeholders, understand the problem space, and align your team for a unified vision.
  • Interview – Dive deep into user needs, both latent and expressed. Harness interviews, secondary research, and more to grasp the essence of your audience.
  • Analyze – Turn data into insights. Analyze the findings from the Empathize phase to discern patterns and gain a clearer understanding of user needs.
  • Discover – Unveil the heart of customer needs. Aggregating and synthesizing insights from across your organization, our platform helps you uncover hidden gems and connections that fuel innovative solutions.
  • Experiment – Hypothesize, test, learn. Leverage our experimentation engine to explore opportunities, validate hypotheses, and glean learnings that enrich your customer insights database.
  • Act – Make informed decisions. Our scorecarding app provides a data-driven compass, guiding your team towards the most impactful actions.
  • Measure – Understand the ROI of your efforts. Equip leaders with the tools to assess the outcomes of research and product delivery, optimizing investment strategies for long-term success.

Rutabaga is a unique platform, encompassing the entirety of the product lifecycle. With our seven integrated applications, teams can now achieve what many have described as the “holy grail” – unprecedented visibility into the results of their research and product delivery efforts. It’s an all-encompassing solution that lets teams learn, replicate successes, and avoid past failures, all within one platform.