Discover Unparalleled Insights

Uncover, Organize, and Utilize Your Customer Insights Like Never Before

Unearth the true potential of your customer insights with the Discover app, your comprehensive Knowledge Repository. Our platform not only captures every nugget of information about your customer but also interconnects and organizes these data points, allowing you to make sense of your insights in ways never before possible.

Visualize Your Insights
Visualize the interconnections of your insights.

Delve into our Knowledge Graph that visualizes your company’s understanding of your customer. It showcases the relationships and patterns within your customer insights, enabling you to navigate the complex web of information effortlessly.

Unlock insights instantly with our AI-powered chatbot.

Our AI chatbot answers any query you have about your customer by compiling all the relevant insights from your database. Say goodbye to hours of manual searching, and let our chatbot do the heavy lifting.

AI ChatBot
Automated Report Builder
Socialize your understandings with ease.

Our Narrative Builder transforms your insights into structured reports or slide decks instantly. Whether you’re prepping for a meeting or sharing findings with your team, our Narrative Builder streamlines the process.

Unpack your insights with atomic-level data.

Every piece of information is stored at an atomic level, offering two key benefits:

  • Traceability: Every data point can be traced back to its source, allowing you to drill down into the metadata for a deeper understanding.
  • Precision: We assemble responses based on your query, giving you only the relevant insights without the noise.



The Discover app revolutionizes how you access and utilize your customer insights. Make sense of your data, and turn your insights into actionable strategies effortlessly.

Unparalleled Access

Navigate your customer insights effortlessly, and unearth previously hidden information with the Knowledge Graph and AI chatbot.

Efficient Reporting

Save hours in report and slide deck creation with our instant Narrative Builder.

Greater Understanding

With atomic-level data, gain a deeper insight into your customer information and trace every data point back to its source.

Efficiency and Depth

Get only the relevant responses to your queries, cutting through the clutter.