Creating the Ultimate Customer-Centric Product Lifecycle Platform

Rutabaga has a bold vision to transform non-actionable data to create a Knowledge Leverage Platform

At Rutabaga, we're pioneering a revolutionary approach to product development - transforming a process often clouded by silos and inefficiencies into a seamless, insight-driven journey. Our platform tracks every step, from ideation to execution and measurement, offering unparalleled visibility and actionable insights. Through a suite of interconnected applications, Rutabaga empowers teams to craft products that genuinely resonate with users.

Navigating the Product Lifecycle with Rutabaga

Frame - Lay a solid foundation for your product journey. Engage stakeholders, understand the problem space, and align your team for a unified vision.

Empathize - Dive deep into user needs, both latent and expressed. Harness interviews, secondary research, and more to grasp the essence of your audience.

Understand - Turn data into insights. Analyze the findings from the Empathize phase to discern patterns and gain a clearer understanding of user needs.

Discover - Unveil the heart of customer needs. Aggregating and synthesizing insights from across your organization, our platform helps you uncover hidden gems and connections that fuel innovative solutions.

Experiment - Hypothesize, test, learn. Leverage our experimentation engine to explore opportunities, validate hypotheses, and glean learnings that enrich your customer insights database.

Act - Make informed decisions. Our scorecarding app provides a data-driven compass, guiding your team towards the most impactful actions.

Measure - Understand the ROI of your efforts. Equip leaders with the tools to assess the outcomes of research and product delivery, optimizing investment strategies for long-term success.

Rutabaga is a unique platform, encompassing the entirety of the product lifecycle. With our seven integrated applications, teams can now achieve what many have described as the "holy grail" – unprecedented visibility into the results of their research and product delivery efforts. It's an all-encompassing solution that lets teams learn, replicate successes, and avoid past failures, all within one platform.