Real-Time Collaboration:

  • Work seamlessly with designers and product managers using integrated tools that enhance communication.
  • Keep everyone on the same page with shared access to customer insights and project goals.
Informed Development:

  • Access a central repository of customer insights that inform your development choices.
  • Build features that matter to your users, backed by data-driven decisions.
Agile Experimentation:

  • Test ideas quickly with a robust experimentation engine.
  • Iterate rapidly, knowing that each step is guided by genuine user needs and preferences.
Accountability & Impact:

  • Gain clarity on how your work translates into real-world impact.
  • Align engineering efforts with business goals, making your contributions more visible and valuable.

Rutabaga's Solutions at Your Fingertips:

Discover: A knowledge graph that connects you to vital customer insights.

Understand: AI-powered tools that help you make sense of complex data.

Experiment: An experimentation engine for agile development and testing.

Act & Measure: Actionable insights that guide and validate your work.

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Connect Your Engineering Team To Customer Insights