Explore our tailor-made applications that redefine the design experience:


  • Tap into a comprehensive knowledge graph for a deeper understanding of customer insights.

  • Utilize AI-powered analysis to visualize data, sparking ideas for design decisions.

  • A specialized experimentation engine to prototype and iterate designs with real-time feedback.
Act & Measure:

  • Seamless integration with development to ensure accurate execution, with in-depth measurements to evaluate design impact.

Benefits Tailored to Designers:

Rutabaga's platform is crafted with the designer's workflow in mind, providing unique solutions to fuel creativity and efficiency:

Inspirational Insights: Access to rich customer data to inspire design solutions that truly resonate.

Streamlined Collaboration: Work closely with product managers, researchers, and engineers, with tools that facilitate seamless communication.

Informed Prototyping: Experiment and iterate with tools that integrate customer insights, allowing for prototypes that resonate more deeply with user needs.

Collaboration & Insight: Foster a seamless collaboration with engineering while gaining visibility into the user perspective, ensuring that designs are implemented with customer-centric precision.

Visibility & Impact: Track the success of your designs with integrated measurements, showcasing the value of design to the entire organization.

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