From Pixie Dust to Magic Machines, Evaluating AI in Research Tools

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There’s no shortage of tools available to product delivery teams when it comes to gathering, storing, socializing, and leveraging their customer insights to inform product strategy. As Jake Burghardt, a respected thought leader in ResearchOperations, commonly known as ReOps, said in a recent LinkedIn post, “The market of apps has become dizzying…” Artificial Intelligence (AI) […]

What a Fragmented Customer Insights Data Culture Looks Like

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In the realm of product development and delivery, customer insights are the compass that guides innovation and ensures market fit of new features and offerings. Yet, too often, this valuable data is scattered across the organization, trapped in silos that limit its potential. Fragmented customer insights data, especially within product teams and their adjacent counterparts, […]

Embracing Mastery: A Year of Learning and Looking Ahead

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Just a couple of weeks ago, I shared a blog post reflecting on a year of striving for mastery in various aspects of running a startup. As we turn the page into a new year, I find myself looking ahead, ready to embrace the multitude of roles and challenges that lie in wait. This past […]

My Nominees for the Customer Experience (CX) Hall of Fame

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Last month, I wrote a blog post about how we, at Rutabaga, have customer experience on our mind; highlighting three experiences that left something to be desired. As a follow up, I wanted to examine the other side of the CX coin — experiences worthy of being inducted into our (well-intentioned but totally made up) […]

Building Brand Trust: A Proven Framework for Enhancing Customer Loyalty and Brand Integrity

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Several years ago, I developed a journey mapping methodology, which helps organizations get an objective view of how their customers, partners, and employees view their company and brand. Since then, I’ve led teams that have conducted thousands of interviews across different business models from business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C), across different industries. What I’ve found, […]

Meet Rutabaga: The Story Behind Our Brand Identity

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At Rutabaga (roo·tuh·bay·guh), we believe in standing out, not just in our innovative solutions but also in our brand identity. Today, we’re excited to share the story behind our unique name and our mighty mascot, the rhinoceros. When it came to choosing a mascot, we wanted something that embodied the essence of our brand – […]

Embracing Shu Ha Ri in Product Development

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Reflecting on my journey of growth and learning in the startup world, I’m reminded of the powerful framework, that is also one of our core principles at Rutabaga, of Shu Ha Ri. First, let’s have ChatGPT define Shu Ha Ri for us:  Shu Ha Ri (often written as “Shuhari”) is a concept in martial arts […]

3 Bets to Improve Your Product Delivery Process

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Note: If you haven’t seen The Good Place, this article contains spoilers. The Good Place, which aired on NBC, is a philosophical fiction TV show. A core cast of characters die and are led to believe they went to the good place, only to realize they’re actually in the bad place. It’s chock full of […]

It’s Not The What, It’s The Why

This is a refreshed version of an article I previously wrote. It’s a story I’ve used to teach new design researchers & strategists how to conduct interviews. It has been (affectionately?) referred to by Allison McKeever as, “The Dead Dad Candy Story.” In essence, it’s about getting to the Jobs To Be Done of the […]