Better Strategic Planning Led By Customer Insights

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We at Rutabaga envision a future where it’s commonplace for organizations to use their customer insights and knowledge as the foundation from which they draft their strategic planning. In reality, most research is done within the context of a previously defined strategic direction. But this inherently limits the value of research, plopping one in the middle of the research process without properly framing the problem to solve before empathizing with audiences and socializing the findings within an organization. These steps are where emergent ideas thrive, especially in the socialization of research insights.

For as long as I’ve been working in this industry, I’ve been sharing the many lessons from Frans Johannsson’s Medici Effect. There is one lesson in particular that brings home the point about the importance of socialization: When you bring different backgrounds together, the potential for new idea combinations increases exponentially. The goal of socialization should be to tell the stories from research in a way that invites people to learn from the evidence, insights, and knowledge and start to form ideas about opportunities. When we socialize insights in a way that invites discoverability, our stakeholders can absorb this information in context to their background and discipline, which is often diverse from our own. Now, insights sit at the intersection of disciplines where new ideas abound.

The Importance of Discoverability

When designing Rutabaga, we wanted to remain mindful of the importance of insights’ discoverability, which is distinct from findability. Discoverability enables one to soak in content and find inspiration without looking for anything specifically. The Discover app on our platform, launching later this year, features a knowledge graph that visualizes connections between data points, highlighting the relationships and themes across projects. The interactive data visualization is the first of its kind in the realm of repositories, and it is a game changer for discoverability.

Findability, on the other hand, enables one to efficiently answer specific questions. Rutabaga enables findability through our retrieval augmented generation AI chat experience.

In the future, we envision organizations starting their strategic planning efforts by allocating time to discover what they know in Rutabaga. Perusing the knowledge graph, gathering customer insights and knowledge to use as the bedrock for building a company’s strategic direction. The evolution of the roles of product teams and people responsible for delivering insights is beyond a restructuring of teams, it’s reimagining when, how, and why insights are used – shifting towards defining corporate strategy rather than supporting it.

If this sounds like the type of leverage you want your customer insights to have in an organization, consider signing up for our waitlist.

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