Evidence, Insights, Knowledge and the Rutabaga Analytical Framework

Analytical Framework showing the relationship between evidence, insights and knowledge

In the pre-Rutabaga days of our consultancy, we recognized the necessity of a robust analytical framework. This need wasn’t just about articulating our post-research process in proposals or ensuring internal consistency in training, but also about visualizing research findings and highlighting the web of connections between insights. In some organizations, our frameworks were such a […]

From Pixie Dust to Magic Machines, Evaluating AI in Research Tools

Bowl of porridge with apples and walnuts

There’s no shortage of tools available to product delivery teams when it comes to gathering, storing, socializing, and leveraging their customer insights to inform product strategy. As Jake Burghardt, a respected thought leader in ResearchOperations, commonly known as ReOps, said in a recent LinkedIn post, “The market of apps has become dizzying…” Artificial Intelligence (AI) […]

My Nominees for the Customer Experience (CX) Hall of Fame

Customer review showing five glowing stars

Last month, I wrote a blog post about how we, at Rutabaga, have customer experience on our mind; highlighting three experiences that left something to be desired. As a follow up, I wanted to examine the other side of the CX coin — experiences worthy of being inducted into our (well-intentioned but totally made up) […]

3 Bets to Improve Your Product Delivery Process

Complex web of nodes

Note: If you haven’t seen The Good Place, this article contains spoilers. The Good Place, which aired on NBC, is a philosophical fiction TV show. A core cast of characters die and are led to believe they went to the good place, only to realize they’re actually in the bad place. It’s chock full of […]

Customer Experience on My Mind

One Star Review for a bad experience

At Rutabaga, we’ve got our mind on experience and experience on our mind. So much so that “experience over everything” became our company’s first guiding principle. We place premium value on creating superior experiences – for our customers, partners, and team members. Our conviction is that by delivering exceptional experiences without compromise, everything else – […]

Black Friday and the Failed Customer Experience

Hello, is it deals you're looking for?

You’re tired of it too, right? Black Friday sales with messages like, ‘Don’t wait, Don’t miss out, Hurry up, Limited styles, Limited quantities,’ leaving you confused about how Halloween came and went, and worrying about all those Thanksgiving leftovers in your fridge. Only to realize, ‘Wait, it’s the beginning of October, retailers need to calm […]

My Story (In Celebration of International Women’s Entrepreneurship Day)

Allison McKeever

On the 9th anniversary of International Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, I want to share my “why” for co-founding Rutabaga, a transition in my career that marks my entry into entrepreneurship. In short, I was tired. I’ve been consulting or working for organizations from Fortune 500s to small and medium sized enterprises, to start-ups for over a […]