About us

Our Story: Creating Rutabaga

Rutabaga® was sparked by a diverse team of innovators, researchers, design thinkers, and technologists, all driven by a shared obsession for understanding customers. As part of various product teams, we often felt the pressure to move faster, but were held back by tools that didn’t truly meet our needs. We realized the gap wasn’t simply in our tools, but in the approach they took – a fragmented view that often missed the customer’s voice. So, we decided to build our own solution, Rutabaga. We designed it to supercharge decision-making by providing a holistic, customer-centric view, bridging knowledge gaps and fostering a culture that puts the customer at the core. Our aim is not just to accelerate work, but to enable teams globally to make better, faster, and more customer-centric decisions. Welcome to Rutabaga – where we’re turning customer obsession into the driving force of innovation.

Rutabega with Post Its

The Founders

Boasting 60+ years of combined experience in product delivery and company-building, our founders have honed their skills with the SaaS industry’s leading names. With an in-depth understanding of the issues at hand, gained through consulting and leading within enterprise companies, our team is primed to transform product delivery. Our unique insights into the needs of product teams position us perfectly to pioneer this shift in user-centered development. 

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Kurt Ward


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The Why & How

Our Guiding Principles 

At Rutabaga, we firmly believe that our principles are more than just words on a webpage, and more than virtual posters, on our virtual walls, in our virtual offices. They represent our core beliefs and guide us in everything we do – from designing product features to fostering our workplace culture. These principles reflect our commitment to creating superior experiences, fostering innovation, empowering all with knowledge, and embracing the journey of mastery. They shape our identity and guide our path as we navigate through the ever-evolving world of customer insights.

First Thing’s First…Experience First

We place premium value on creating superior experiences – for our customers, partners, and team members. Our conviction is that by delivering exceptional experiences without compromise, everything else – growth, success, and innovation – will naturally follow.

Débrouillard – Clear The Fog

The essence of ‘Débrouillard’ is a beacon cutting through the fog, representing resourcefulness, creativity, and resolution in the face of uncertainty. At Rutabaga, we believe in transcending the boundaries of our roles, and not building kingdoms of people for headcount’s sake. Our goal is to empower small, flexible, and talented teams who can deliver results efficiently and punch above their weight class.

Shu Ha Ri – Embrace the Journey of Mastery

We uphold the Japanese concept of Shu Ha Ri as a framework for skill development and innovation. ‘Shu’, the initial stage, involves learning by following rules. ‘Ha’ allows for creative exploration and breaking away from norms. Finally, ‘Ri’ symbolizes transcending the conventional to create a new paradigm altogether.

Knowledge is Power – Empower Everyone

We believe in the potent influence of ideas, and that their true power is unleashed when they are rooted in evidence and available to all. By unleashing knowledge and insight, we facilitate the rise of innovative, evidence-based ideas, ultimately empowering everyone to contribute and make a lasting impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re still new, but we’re already noticing some recurring questions about the company. Read on, and all will be revealed.