Unify Your Product Team Around Customer Insights

Rutabaga® is your unified platform to supercharge product development. We transform raw data into actionable insights, fueling innovation at unprecedented speeds. Revolutionize your product development process, empowering collaboration and customer focus with Rutabaga.

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Make Discoverability and Findability of Customer Insights a Breeze with Rutabaga

Discover Patterns With Ease

Through Rutabaga’s innovative approach, your findings are organized around comprehensive ‘bodies of work’. This allows you to seamlessly explore across projects, drawing connections you might otherwise miss. Powered by a sophisticated knowledge graph, Rutabaga uncovers intricate relationships within your data, presenting a dynamic, interconnected view of your customer insights.

Transparent Traceability

With Rutabaga, every bit of information is stored at an atomic level, ensuring complete traceability right back to its source. The intuitive system lets you delve into the genesis of every insight and piece of knowledge, exploring all associated metadata and evidence. This transparency empowers your team to confidently build upon their work, knowing the origin of every insight.

Automate Insight Sharing

With Rutabaga, you can turn your query results or knowledge graph nodes into polished reports or slide decks instantly. We’ve automated the time-consuming process of reporting, liberating your product managers, researchers, and designers to focus on their core, value-adding tasks. No more endless hours spent crafting reports; with Rutabaga, share customer knowledge and insights at the click of a button.

Promote Clear Communication

Rutabaga’s flexible framework of evidence, insights, and knowledge not only provides your teams with a shared language but also empowers them to communicate, share, and compare their work effectively across different projects and disciplines. This unique system elevates the routine task of gathering insights to a strategic, consultative level, fostering better understanding and collaboration within your organization.

Precision Information Retrieval

Rutabaga’s unique blend of atomic-level storage and structured data allows AI to filter through the noise and deliver only the information you need. Unlike the traditional haystack of hundreds of partially relevant documents, Rutabaga offers you a needle-precise retrieval system. Whether you’re onboarding a new team member or seeking specific details for a project, Rutabaga’s intelligent query system delivers only the most relevant results, tailored to your specific need.

Accelerate Insight Discovery

Rutabaga employs AI and advanced prompt engineering to hasten the analysis process. By refining transcripts for readability, providing summaries, and delivering initial transcript coding and affinitization, we’ve managed to cut analysis time in half. Our system works like a junior researcher assisting every product team member, allowing you to glean customer insights with unparalleled speed and efficiency.


Unifying Data, Insights, and Action

Rutabaga fosters collaboration and productivity by providing a single, intuitive interface where all customer insights live. It serves as a central hub, integrating product management, design, research, and development around the voice of the customer. It ensures the focus remains on user needs and customer experience, facilitating data-driven decision-making.



Rutabaga fosters a customer-centric culture by providing a unified insights platform for your product team. Harness the power of evidence-based decision-making, rigorous experimentation, and insightful analysis of your outcomes, shaping your strategy and actions with precision and confidence.



Rutabaga ensures traceability by maintaining a comprehensive record of customer knowledge, decisions, and outcomes. This clear tracking of customer insights, hypotheses, and results provides a transparent view of how your actions impact your company’s performance



Rutabaga promotes consistent success by enabling your teams to learn from past initiatives. With a robust record of decisions, assumptions, and outcomes, your team can formulate winning strategies and sidestep previous missteps, setting the stage for predictable, repeatable results.